Business workers

How To Make Your Business Attractive To Potential Employees

Since the last financial crisis a little over a decade ago, the employment environment has recovered, and there are a glut of jobs out there for the many students graduating from...

How Much New Technology Should A Business Adopt?

The business world is always changing and growing. It responds to the market’s wants and needs, and new and better ways of doing business are constantly being developed. When IBM adopted...
UK Winter

3 Reasons to Stay in the UK During Winter

Having spent the majority of my life since birth, in the UK, I am in as good as any position to give you reasons not to stay during winter. However, after...

4 Things To Look For In A Raincoat

Now, unless you reside in the desert, to which it’s likely you wouldn’t be reading this right now, you will probably require a raincoat in your wardrobe. While it may not...

3 Ways to Make Your Meetings Run Smoothly

Meetings are funny. They rely on an understanding of their purpose and are generally organized with the intention of benefiting those in attendance. Ironically though, the success of a group meeting...

Access 13000+ Fonts with Adobe Fonts!

In this video, we're going to take a look at what was formally known as Adobe Typekit, and that is now called Adobe Fonts. Adobe Fonts sports a new design for...

The 10 Days of JavaScript: Day 2 (Functions)

My full premium JavaScript course will be available soon, subscribe to be notified as soon as it launches. Day 0: Intro Day 1: Getting Started Day 2: Functions Day 3: Objects (coming soon) Day...

CSS3 Awesome Footer Tutorial – 4 – Layering Shadows for Glare

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Coding Challenge #121: Logo Interpreter

In this coding challenge, I attempt to make a Logo interpreter and draw "turtle graphics" in JavaScript. 🔗 💻 🔗 🔗 🎥 push/pop tutorial: 🎥 Angles and angular motion: 🚂 Website: 💖 Patreon: ...

Astra Pro Series | Colors

In this video series I talk about all the elements of all the premium packages of the Astra theme. In this video I talk about the customization options of the colors...