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Prior to 2015 – the year of iOS 9, if we want to load a webpage in our app, there are 3 ways to do it: (1) direct our user to Safari, leaving our app — (2) use UIWebView and a progress bar — (3) use WebKit, add progress bar, work on some custom code to add back and forward buttons.

Yet, these methods aren’t perfect as you can imagine. We don’t have the whole powerful Safari with things like design, interaction, animation, password auto-fill – which is so critical when the user needs to log in to something like Facebook or Instagram.

With the introduction of iOS 9, everything becomes so much more easier with SFSafariViewController. It allows us to have the whole powerful Safari in our app — I mean all the features of Safari!

Let’s first download the starter project in this Code Hangout, and of course, I have a freebie for you as my THANKS for checking out Code Hangout.

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