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*Games Showcased*

“Speedy the Skeleton” is a Halloween theme game. Main story is focused on cursed Skeleton who can’t pass to afterlife and stuck in limbo with his unicycle. To proves his strength and mental toughness, he must beat all the life and death challenges to reach the afterlife.
In short it is difficult physic based platformer.

We made a super mario style android game with my wife. We used Game Maker Studio 1.4 for making this game.
We are amateurs at game developing. And it is our first game. The theme is same with super mario. But the difference is; our game is trapful. If you interested please view the youtube trailer.
Youtube trailer :
Google Play Download :

I made this game for the Ludum Dare game jam (Theme: The more you have, the worse it gets).
I want to continue on the game, but I don’t know what to do. Please give me some feedback!
The controls and “story” is on my itch.io site, and some gameplay information is in the tutorial of the game.

More information:


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