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If you have ever wondered how can you start a blog, this video is for you. In less than 10 minutes I’ll show everything you need to know on how to start a blog for free using wordpress. You’ll find this short video easy to follow and learn how simple it is to make a blog with this fully customizable wordpress platform.

Many blogs focus on a particular topic such as fashion blogs, sports blogs, blogs about life, business blogs, travel blogs, raising kids’ blogs and a whole range of other popular blogs. People even use blogging for money making schemes. Other bloggers present eclectic sites, providing visitors to links to all types of other sites. Some blog spots are more like personal journals, reflecting the author’s daily life and thoughts.

Blogs tend to have several things in common:

• They have a main content area which lists articles/posts chronologically, with the newest on top. In many cases, the articles are organized into categories.
• An archive of older articles/posts that can be accessed by the online viewer.
• A way for people to leave comments about the posts.
• A list of links to other related sites, sometimes referred to as a “blogroll”.
• One or more “feeds” like Atom, RSS or RDF files.

I’m going to walk you through how to create a website for blogging using wordpress in under ten minutes. WordPress allows you to make blogs for free using this completely customizable platform. WordPress is used across the world by millions of people and it’s super easy to use, meaning that just about anyone can use wordpress to make free blog sites. There are thousands of free website templates (themes) that you can use as blogger templates and transform the look and feel of your blog. I’ll show how to create a blog and use these themes, as well as how you can use free plug-ins and widgets on your blog spot.

You can start creating a website for blogging anywhere using wordpress because no software is needed. Also if you need help on how to blog or build a website for blogging using wordpress there are plenty of free resources available, including lots of youtube tutorials. WordPress is also search engine friendly, so your audience can find you easily.
Before I show you how to make a blog you need to set-up your web hosting. This is the only expense you will have in starting a blog. Also, these guys are so knowledgeable about everything to do with wordpress, web design and blogging.

When you have the welcome email from Hostgator, you’ll see a link to c panel and a username and password. This is where you install wordpress. Click the link to c panel and enter your username and password as provided. Now you can see the c panel and a lot of different icons. Don’t be overwhelmed here; we’re only interested in one program called Fantastico deluxe under software/services towards the bottom of the screen.

Now that you’re at the wordpress dashboard you can start a blog and make all the edits and changes you want to design the best blog sites. It’s easy to navigate and use. Everything you need is on the left-hand navigation bar. I like to go to settings and choose general so that I get a broad overview of my site and from here I can easily make edits.

Once you click on the Fantastico deluxe smiley icon you’ll notice a navigation bar on the left hand side. Here you’ll see under blogs an option called wordpress. Click on that and select new installation. You’ll notice your blog domain name and this is your admin access. You need to choose a username and password. I always use admin as my username and just choose a password that you’ll remember. Also, enter an email address, one that you use regularly so that if you need to change your password or anything like that you can do so easily. You can also name your blog whatever you like in the base configurations here; you can also change it later in wordpress if you need to. Then finish installation and click on the link to your wordpress dashboard and log in with the details you just entered, it’s as easy as that!

If you want to add photos or videos, that’s easy too. As you can see, making free blogs using this software is so simple and self explanatory. It’s actually really fun software to use and so versatile it’s amazing what you can create using this free website builder! Maybe you want to know how to start a blog and make money or how to start a blog for profit, or perhaps you’re looking for steps on how to start a blog for beginners, there are so many free resources available that I’m sure you’ll be very successful.

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