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Kotlin is a fantastic language that improves greatly upon Java and at the same time can use all Java libraries and frameworks. It provides both the power of OOP and functional programming. It is quickly becoming the language of choice for developing Android apps. In this video I will cover what you’d learn about the core syntax of Kotlin in a 300 page book all in one video.

00:30 MacOS Install
02:49 Windows Install
04:30 Data Types
12:07 Casting
13:45 Strings
20:43 Arrays
25:52 Ranges
29:54 Conditionals
30:24 If
32:21 When
34:02 For
35:18 While
40:23 Functions
50:44 Higher Order Functions
56:40 Collection Operators
1:01:00 Exception Handling
1:03:05 Lists
1:08:00 Maps
1:10:50 Classes
1:16:00 Inheritance
1:18:12 Interfaces
1:22:22 Null Safety

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