Photoshop CC 2018 tutorial showing how to convert low-resolution black and white graphics into high-resolution, as well as upscaling small photos.

NOTE: All versions of Photoshop can convert low-res, black and white GRAPHICS into high-res graphics, however, upscaling low-res PHOTOS into high-res requires Photoshop version CC or higher.

IMPORTANT: There are no techniques that will recover 100% of the detail in low-res images because once detail is lost; it can’t be recovered. However, we can ultimately give it a sharper appearance by removing blurriness, while increasing its resolution, thereby making an otherwise unacceptable image into one that, in many cases, can be used.

Low-resolution image:

Photo provided by
Fashion, blond woman by Subbotina Anna
Image ID: 94063786

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High quality, copyright-free music for YouTube.
Music track: “Robotica”

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