Watch this tutorial and you’ll build your first Angular 4 app in just a few minutes.

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00:00 Introduction
02:54 What is Angular?
04:54 Architecture of Angular Apps
08:41 Setting Up the Development Environment
11:25 Your First Angular App
13:50 Structure of Angular Projects
20:43 Webpack
23:57 Angular Version History
27:31 Course Structure
31:55 TypeScript Fundamentals
32:34 What is TypeScript?
34:58 Your First TypeScript Program
37:57 Declaring Variables
42:46 Types
48:29 Type Assertions
51:15 Arrow Functions
52:59 Interfaces
56:54 Classes
01:01:22 Objects
01:05:31 Constructors
01:08:22 Access Modifiers
01:11:18 Access Modifiers in Constructor Parameters
01:12:58 Properties
01:18:15 Modules
01:23:22 Angular Fundamentals
01:23:41 Building Blocks of Angular Apps
01:27:22 Creating Components
01:37:00 Generating Components Using Angular CLI
01:41:40 Templates
01:44:08 Directives
01:47:34 Services
01:52:02 Dependency Injection
01:59:22 Generating Services Using Angular CLI
02:01:32 Exercise


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