Today we’re making a Tip Calculator app in iOS with Swift! Download this episode’s resources here:



Hey my friends, it’s David Tran and welcome to Day 4 of my 30 Days of iOS Development with Swift challenge!

In this challenge, I will challenge myself and you to learn to code by creating a new iOS app or some features in an app in the next 30 days.

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I’m really stoked to have you here and I appreciate your time because I really hope that we can significantly add values to your life.

I still remember that time in my college when I was still trying to take care of school work just like everyone else, I was trying to work three jobs on campus hope to cover my rent and foods. And still after all of that, late at night, I was still trying to glue my eyes open to get in some extra hours of trainings to develop my skills in because people don’t teach these stuff at school.

So I understand that it took a lot of commitment and courage to stay consistent at this and I cheer you on. I’m here for you and I got your back.

Let’s do this together! This is Day #4.

We’ll build a Tip Calculator today. This one’s really fun because we’ll design an app from scratch in dark mode, we’ll use sliders and labels, buttons and UI elements’ value changed events.

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Let’s go to the demo!