In this lesson, we discuss the upcoming tutorial series in which we will be using a variety of freely available resources to build an entire social network from scratch. Our social network, “Flutter” will be a clone of the popular social network Twitter.

We will build this with Ruby on Rails 4, utilizing Twitter’s own Bootstrap CSS framework. We will use GIT for version control, a free resource for Linux based cloud development called C9: and finally deploy the application to the cloud using Heroku.

The way this tutorial is designed, you should be capable of following along even without any previous experience building interactive web applications. If you already have experience with VCS such as GIT, and already have a Linux-based development environment: you may be able to skip the first few episodes in this series and still progress as intended.

The next episode will be the tutorial’s tentative table of contents!

Sign Up @ for more information and to access the source code and art assets for this tutorial!


“Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin:
“Game Coding Complete” by Mike McShaffry:
“JavaScript and JQuery” by Jon Ducket:


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