In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through the process of using the basic blogging features included with WordPress and the Divi theme. You will need to own the Divi theme and have a basic understanding of how it works to be able to follow along with everything in this tutorial.

Watch my comprehensive Divi theme WordPress tutorial:

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Table of Contents:

0:00:00 Overview of what you’ll learn in this tutorial

0:01:10 Setting up a blog page

0:02:43 Difference between static pages and a blog page

0:04:30 Deleting the sample blog post

0:05:14 Creating a blog post
-Using the Visual Editor
-Organizing your blog posts into categories
-Setting up a “featured image”

0:09:41 Using custom excerpts

0:11:14 Creating the second blog post

0:12:21 Adding a “video format” blog post with a YouTube video

0:14:11 Using widgets in the sidebar widget area

0:17:28 Controlling sidebar settings for individual blog posts

0:18:39 Permalink settings

0:20:34 Post info settings

0:22:31 Comment settings

0:25:53 A walkthrough of the comment process

0:26:45 Setting up a “gravatar” image that will show up on blog comments

0:29:04 Using the Divi Builder to create a grid of blog posts from specific categories