If you want to know how to create a website from scratch that looks fantastic, is free..

You’ll be able to make your own website without any prior knowledge of web design using this completely free website builder. I promise that you won’t find website design any easier than this!

We can’t hide from the fact that just about everything is online today and that the internet is a vital source of information, entertainment and commerce. There are so many reasons why people ask “what are the steps for creating a website”? Some people want to how to make a website for free and earn money through their site or how to become a serious blogger. Others are keen to learn how to make a website free for gaming online, or want to help kids create a website for free. The applications are virtually limitless and making free websites is so easy with wordpress.

So, you want to know how to create an amazing website and why wordpress is the best option. WordPress is an extremely powerful platform to create your own website. It has so many benefits and advantages over other software. This free website builder is used by literally millions of people! It makes creating a website so simple with its out-of-the-box set-up.

WordPress is totally customizable and has everything you could possibly want to make a free website or to create a blog with ease. Using wordpress to make a website is a great choice because it has thousands of templates, widgets and plug-ins to create an attractive, functional and seamless website. After using word press you’ll feel like a professional web designer and find web development so easy. Basically, anyone can create a free website with wordpress, no prior experience is necessary!

Here are my top five reasons why you should create a website with wordpress.
Customization: You can change the function, style and appearance within seconds. Not only is the editor simple to use, the thousands of free website templates are extremely presentable, making it easy to create a professional website. You needn’t worry about hiring a web design company when you can do it all yourself. You’ll see throughout this tutorial on how to create a website some examples of the fantastic themes available.
Integration: WordPress is a highly integrated platform, making it simple to add newsletters, calendars, search bars, online payment systems, video and music players, social media and e-commerce.

Social Media: If you want to know how do you create a website that’s compatible with social media, wordpress is your answer. All types of social media such as facebook, twitter and youtube can be instantly integrated into your website with easy plug-ins. Any time you update your website, your social following will be instantly notified, making it easy to keep your website fresh and current.

SEO: If you want to build a website where SEO is an important component, wordpress makes this easy. There is also a SEO plug-in that facilitates the addition of metadata. It’s so easy to update that Google will always know when you have fresh content, making it very SEO friendly.

A Site for Life: One of the great aspects of creating your website with wordpress is that it will grow and evolve alongside you. Once you know how to make your own website with wordpress, you’ll never look back.

Lots of Support: If you ever have any questions on how to build a website using wordpress there is plenty of support and educational videos available on youtube.
So to summarize, why create a website for free using wordpress?

• Speed — With just a few clicks you can make a website in minutes.
• Functionality — There are so many plug-ins and widgets available that you can easily set-up the functionality you desire.
• Design — With thousands of free web templates in the form of wordpress themes, your web page design options are amazing with this platform.
• Web 2:0 — You can make your own website for free and still have all the social media compatibility you need.
• Open Source — It’s completely free to make web site, the only expense is in the web hosting.
• Widely Used — There is heaps of support to show you how to make a website for free with wordpress.
• Ease of Use — Just about anyone can learn how to make a free website with wordpress; it’s so simple to use!

Let’s get started and build your own website!

Click on the link below this video and I’ll teach you everything so that you know how to create your own website using wordpress. I’ll show you how to make a website from start to finish in under 10 minutes! You’ll get heaps of great tips and advice on how to create a website using wordpress and you’ll have your site up and running in next to no time!