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Parts From the Video

You can buy Radio kits Cheap here :

You can get large boxes of every resistors, capacitors, LEDs on Amazon and EBay. I like Joe Knows Electronics for these :

Breadboard used :
MK484 IC :
Tuning Capacitor :
Piezoelectric Earphone :
1.5V AA Battery Case Holder :
Antenna Coils are best bought in a kit or on EBay

Where to Place the Components on the Breadboard

100,000 ohm resistor( brown, black, yellow): I9 and J17
1,000 ohm resistor (brown, black, red): I17 and I20
0.01 microfarad capacitor (marked 103 or .01M): G9 and G15
0.1 microfarad capacitor (marked 104 or .1M): F15 and F17
0.1 microfarad capacitor (marked 104 or .1M): G17 and G22
MK484 IC: H15, H16, and H17 (flat side facing row G)
Antenna coil: J9 and G16
Tuning capacitor: F9 and F16 (only the two rightmost leads are used)
Piezoelectric earphone: F20 and F22
Negative battery wire (black): J15
Positive battery wire (red): J20

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