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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use several features of the Pro version of the Elementor Page Builder plugin. You’ll learn how to create professional custom slideshows, add advanced contact forms, add blog posts from specific categories using advanced filter queries (and display those posts in the exact way you want), and add countdown timers to create a sense of urgency on your website.

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Download the Free stock photos used for the slideshow in this video:

Time Stamp Table of Contents:
0:00:00 Introduction/Overview of Tutorial
0:02:27 Installing Elementor and purchasing Elementor Pro
Purchase Elementor Pro: (affiliate link)
0:07:24 Creating demo page, setting up page settings and adding page to navigation menu
0:08:34 Adding a Heading to the demo page

Slider Pro Element
0:11:22 Slideshow Basic Settings
0:14:39 Slider Options (Arrows and Dots, animation, slide transitions, etc…)
0:18:40 Adding background images to slides (acquire free stock photos, resizing images, adding images to slides, using background overlays)

Images Used:

0:26:02 Styling the slideshow (custom fonts, colors, buttons)
0:32:06 Making Slideshows full width
0:33:40 Making slideshow height full screen
0:35:37 Mobile slideshow settings

Forms Pro Element
0:37:11 Creating advanced forms
0:46:38 Contact form email options
0:48:20 Form style options (fonts, colors, buttons, background colors, spacing options)
0:51:59 Form demonstration

Posts Pro Element
0:53:07 Posts Element (displaying specific blog posts using advanced filtering options)
0:56:27 Post layout settings
1:00:10 Post styling options
1:02:23 Mobile settings for posts element

Countdown Timer Pro Element
1:04:08 Countdown Timer Element
1:04:28 Setting up your WordPress Timezone
1:05:51 Adding Countdown Timer/Basic Settings
1:07:24 Countdown Timer style options

1:10:16 Outro (Thank you so much for watching!)