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You probably have already seen it when you have performed a recent search on Google, but perhaps you were unaware that you could be receiving the same benefits. Authorship is now available to you on Google. When your page is returned on a search, there can be a little picture of you next to it. Why would you want your face to appear there? Here are some of the benefits that Google authorship can result in for you.

Google Authorship First of all, authorship can increase your click through rate. Think about the reasons this is true. One big reason is that you are more likely to trust someone if you can see their face. It’s why we have a pic of the cab driver on the back of the seat. Immediately when you get into the car, you can see his face. Would you get into the car with someone if you couldn’t see who was going to be driving you around? Many people will choose a site with a face attached to it because it simply seems more trustworthy. Authorship allows your site to bye the trustworthy one people click on.