Watch this video to see the incredible creative ability of WordPress software and learn how to make a website for free using this powerful platform. You’ll see a sample of the thousands of free website templates and get plenty of good ideas for making a website within minutes, just with a few clicks! Learning how to make a website free with wordpress is surprisingly simple, almost everyone can do it!

As you watch this short video you’ll see plenty of web designs and see how to make an amazing website. It’s so important to make an online website with everyone turning to the internet in search of information, products and services. Having an online presence is crucial, but you want to be able to achieve quality websites easily and for minimal cost.

Through wordpress, you can create your own website for any niche. Perhaps you’re keen on learning how to make a website free for gaming online, or you want to make a website free for kids’ education, or you’re interested in how to make a website for free and earn money. All this and so much more is possible when you make a website with wordpress and you’ll know exactly how to create an amazing website for free.

So, why make a website using wordpress? This platform is extremely powerful and is used by millions of people across the world. It’s the most popular free website builder and makes web development a breeze! Every aspect of the software is customizable, giving you plenty of creative potential and making it suitable for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

To make free websites with wordpress is a fantastic choice because the software is constantly evolving and provides access to plug-ins, widgets and website templates for no cost. You can become your own web designer and make your own website in a matter of minutes!
Customization: It literally only takes a few clicks to completely transform your website design. You can alter the look and feel of your website, as well as it’s functionality within a couple of minutes. The editor is easy to use and because the themes are virtually unlimited, you can successfully create a website that symbolizes you and the purpose of your site. You can make a website from scratch with no prior experience and still create an attractive and unique experience for your online visitors.

Integration: Making a website from start to finish using wordpress is made even easier due to the simple integration systems. If you want to add newsletters, online payment options, search bars, social media, video and music players, e-commerce, contact forms, calendars, or any other application, it’s possible on wordpress! A simple click of a button will allow you to add or remove free plug-ins, enabling you to transform and develop your website to meet your needs.

Social Media: If you have wondered how to make your own website integrate with social media, wordpress is the answer you have been looking for. This platform is completely compatible with all the various social media such as facebook, twitter and youtube. You can add or remove these integrations as you desire. Also, due to the nature of these plug-ins, you can immediately notify your social following of any changes to your site automatically. This keeps your content fresh for your followers.

SEO: If you have been trying to work out how to build a website that’s easy to optimize for Google, wordpress is the solution. You can add tags to your pages and posts, and install a SEO plug-in, making it easy to add metadata. This makes it very straightforward to regularly update and this is essential for SEO as Google loves fresh content.

Plenty of Support: When you know how to create a website you also want to know that there is plenty of support if something goes wrong or you want to expand on your knowledge.

So why make a website using wordpress?
• Speed — Within a few clicks you can have your website up and running, it’s so fast!
• Functionality — Your site can be easily customized using thousands of free templates, plug-ins and widgets.
• Design — There is no design limitation with so many web templates available.
• Web 2:0 — It’s easy to maintain a following through social media because it’s completely compatible with sites such as facebook, youtube and twitter.
• Open Source — It’s completely FREE!
• Widely Used — Learning how to make and host a website with wordpress is so easy because so many people use this platform, providing plenty of support.
• Ease of Use — WordPress can be used by virtually anyone!

So what are the steps for creating a website using wordpress?
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