Here we will see how to mix pictures in photoshop that normally won’t be possible. Making your subjects unrealistic backgrounds can open a lot of opportunities for creative experiments.

This photo effect or photo manipulation, whatever you wanna call it was inspired by music video “up&up” by coldplay. i wanted to do it for very long time but i kept delaying it for one reason or the other. But today, finally, i have made a photoshop tuorial inspired by that super creative video.

Other important thing is that images i used in photoshop effect are not very high resolution because it was pretty difficult to find images that i needed.

Also this videos is not focused on beginners, if you are photoshop beginner, i still advise you to watch this tutorial. Because you might not be able follow it but you will definitely discover many new things.

So i hope you guys learn something from this photoshop tutorial. Have fun !!

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