I recently created some artwork for a set of free resources I posted on my site where I overlapped some text to make it look like the letters interweaved. I thought it looked like a cool effect so why not make a tutorial?! So in today’s video I’ll take you through the process of creating a fun design that combines the wording “Just another day in New York City”. The words ‘Just another day in’ are set in a cool mono weight script, which are overlaid against New York City in a tall bold Sans Serif. We’ll then use a Layer Mask to erase certain bits of the text to give the impression that the script weaves in and out of the other letters. To finish off the artwork, we’ll also use a similar technique to place the typography within a scene of New York City, masking out the text so it seems to sit behind the skyscrapers.

Smoothy Font –
Cervo Font –

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