In this video I go over how to install wordpress on hostgator. If you already have a domain name and hosting for hostgator please feel free to skip forward to the 7:35 mark in the video. At that point in the video we begin to go from logging into our hosting control panel area with our welcome email that we receieved from hostgator when we initially signed up. Everything before that relates to registering a domain name and going through the hosting signup process.

It is important that when going through this process that you find a good domain name that you’re willing to put effort into building out. This is something I sometimes spend days deciding. However, you must also act quickly if you are worried someone else may register that domain before you. In this video the domain selection part is here: 2:16

When it comes to hosting and installing wordpress I prefer to use hostgator. The main reason why I use hostgator is because of the top notch support. I’ve had numerous issues with other hosting companies over the years, and I never had any issues with hostgator. Hostgator is transparent with their web hosting plans and they have a one click quickinstall service for wordpress, which I love! To view the hostgator plans part of this video start at: 1:05

Another reason I love hostgator is because they have unmetered plans when it comes to disk space and bandwidth. In this video I discuss some of the hostgator plan benefits for each package, but if you’d like to learn more I suggest you check out the compare plans option below the three shared plans or simply contact their excellent live chat support.

I sincerely hope that you benefited from this course.
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