In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through how to make a custom website with WordPress using the free Virtue theme from Kadence Themes. This tutorial is designed for absolute beginners to be able to easily follow along. I hope you enjoy it!

Things Covered in the Video:
0:00:00 Welcome Message
0:00:36 Bullet list of video contents
0:02:36 Complete walkthrough of what you’ll be creating
0:06:27 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with HostGator.com (Use wpsculptor1cent for 1 cent for your first month or use wpsculptor30 for 30% off your hosting order, Thank you for your support!)
0:12:13 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:14:54 Logging into the backend of your WordPress site and taking care of some basic settings
0:19:18 Downloading and installing the free mobile friendly Virtue theme from Kadence Themes
0:21:31 Shout out to the optional Virtue Premium theme upgrade
0:22:09 Creating pages
0:24:36 Creating navigation menus with drop down functionality
0:28:02 Adding icons to your navigation menus
0:38:12 Specifying which page is your home page and which page is your optional blog page
0:39:40 Adding text and image content to your pages using the visual editor
0:43:51 Finding free high quality stock photos to use on your website
0:48:10 Creating a contact page that includes a contact form
0:48:18 Downloading and installing WordPress plugins
0:53:00 Adding a YouTube video to your pages
0:54:40 Creating an image gallery with a “lightbox” effect
0:58:46 Coming up with your own color scheme and using free online resources to come up with color scheme ideas
1:03:16 Creating a custom logo
1:11:30 Customizing the background colors on your site
1:14:25 Using repeatable textures for your site background
1:16:54 Using hi-resolution photographs for your site background
1:20:37 General Virtue theme settings including custom fonts and additional color customizations
1:27:25 Setting up a home page
1:29:59 Adding an icon menu to the home page
1:34:02 Adding an optional slideshow and cropping images to fit perfectly on your slide show
1:41:21 Adding text over your slides and making your slides clickable links to other pages
1:45:02 Setting up an optional portfolio carousel on your home page
1:54:53 Setting up an optional blog and going over blog categories
2:01:07 Configuring blog comment settings
2:06:13 Discussing widgets and widget areas and adding several widgets to enhance the functionality of your site
2:19:45 Closing message and ways to say thanks 🙂

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