I show you how to make a logo in photoshop cs6 using our free logo kit that you can grab on our website at:

You don’t need to hire a logo designer to custom make you one for your site as we give away some cool free logos on our website when you join as a free member!

This tutorial won’t teach you how to create a logo in photoshop cs6 from scratch, but it will show you how to customize and edit the ones we give out to our free members.

We will cover some of the basic in this video such as working with layers, how to change the font style, font size and more. If you’re a complete beginner and just looking to create a basic but compelling logo design then you’ll find this video helpful.

This tutorial is perfect for beginners and those that are completely new to photoshop! Or if you aren’t a beginner then you may still find use in our template kit we giveaway.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this logo tutorial for beginners video and make some amazing logos!

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