How To Make A One Page Website With WordPress Tutorial

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I apologize for the bad transitions between each section. I initially made this video course for udemy and not YouTube. I have tried to cut it the best I could without having to re-do the entire tutorial.
Because of this you can reference these times for each section:
3:48 Domain Names
5:40 Hosting Signup
13:14 Installing WordPress
16:37 Logging Into WordPress
17:56 Updating Your WordPress Password
19:30 Removing Pre-Installed Content
22:35 Install Free Theme & Getting Familiar With The Dashboard
32:28 Installing Our WordPress Plugins
38:10 Setting Up 4 Different Plugins
55:35 Email Forwarding
1:08:57 Send & Receive Website Emails From Gmail
1:17:27 Adding A Background Image
1:24:17 Creating Our Website Logo
1:34:24 Resizing Our Logo
1:36:11 Organizing Our Main Menu Pages
1:46:21 WordPress Widgets
1:57:00 Editing Different Site Elements
2:05:15 Editing The Our Team Section
2:11:25 Editing The Testimonials And Latest News Sections
2:18:41 Editing The Contact Form And Footer Sections
2:24:27 Website Summary & Additional Info

Have you ever wanted to make your own WordPress website, but you weren’t quite sure where to start? I’m here to help! In this tutorial series you can go through a step by step process where I show you how to make a one page website with WordPress. Why a one page website? Well, for starters they’re much more mobile friendly. Additionally, the theme that we’ll be using is one of the top rated free WordPress themes out there! Let’s get started by going through this how to make a one page website video tutorial above.
I am committed to making helpful tutorials for individuals who want to learn how to make a website. Almost all of the tutorials I make on YouTube are for WordPress beginners. I plan to make more in depth tutorials on my website for a small fee in the future. If you have any questions about this process along the way in designing your website please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below!

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