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Click on this video if you’re looking for an easy solution on how to make a website for free or if you want to learn what are the steps for creating a website. This simple tutorial will give you good ideas for making a website in less than 10 minutes using free wordpress software. You’ll be shown how to make a website free of problems and easy to customize.

We know that everything is online today and having a web presence is really important for hobbies, blogs, local businesses and e-commerce. Maybe you want to learn how to make a website free for games, or perhaps you are looking to make a website for free and earn money, or how to make a website for free for kids. Either way, watching this video will show you how to create an amazing website. Learning how to make and host a website using free wordpress software is really straightforward.

So, how do you create a website with wordpress and why choose this software? WordPress is a very powerful platform that’s used by more than 60 million people all over the world as a free website builder. This full-featured, completely customizable tool for making free websites is perfect for businesses, individuals and organizations looking for a superior online presence. To make free websites using wordpress is a smart move because you have access to thousands of free website templates, widgets and plug-ins. Taking control of your own web development is so easy and you’ll never need to pay for a web designer. Almost everyone can create a own website in minutes, even kids create a website for free with ease using wordpress!

Customization: Customization is awesome with wordpress. You can easily change the overall function and design of your website with just a few clicks. The simple editor is straightforward to use and there are so many themes that it’s simple to create a website from scratch that represents you and the purpose of your website. To create a website using wordpress enables users with no web design experience to make a unique and attractive website; a real statement. Through this tutorial on how to create a website you’ll see some of the amazing wordpress themes that are available.

Integration: Not only is wordpress great to create own websites that look amazing, it’s also fantastic for integration. You can easily incorporate online payment systems, newsletters, social media, music and video players, contact forms, e-commerce, search bars, calendars and so much more. At a click of a button you can add or remove thousands of free plug-ins, allowing you to develop and evolve your website as you desire.

Social Media: WordPress is completely compatible with all types of social media. Twitter, youtube and facebook are all present on your site. These social media tools can be integrated with your site to enable the immediate announcement of any changes or updates to your social following.

SEO: It’s so easy to create a website with SEO optimization using wordpress. It’s simple to add tags to your posts and pages, as well and installing the SEO plug-in. This enables meta-data to be added and makes your site optimized for search engines. Also, it makes it straightforward to update on a regular basis, which is important because Google loves new content.

A Site for Life: WordPress is always being developed further and updated so that it remains, fresh, modern and versatile. Also, because it’s so adaptable it’s easy to expand your website by adding new sections, posts or pages. This only takes a few clicks and it’s all for free. When you want a website that can grow and expand alongside your business, wordpress is exactly what you need.

Plenty of Support: As so many people use wordpress there is heaps of ongoing support and youtube videos covering steps on creating a website for free using wordpress.
So why create my website for free using wordpress?

• Speed – It literally only takes a few clicks to make a website.
• Functionality – There are thousands of plug-in available to customize your site.
• Design — Web design is easy with thousands of themes available.
• Web 2:0 — Social media compatibility enables you to create a social buzz around your site.

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