Video tutorial on How to Make a Website:

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In this step-by-step video tutorial, I will walk you through how to make a website with WordPress. You will also learn how to really make your website look professional by adding custom graphics, background images, textured backgrounds, creating a logo and working with images using free online resources. I’ll also show you how to choose a professional color palette for your logo and background with a resource that graphic designers use. Everything is thoroughly discussed (it is a two hour video after all…) and NOTHING is left out.

This video tutorial will include:

-Setting up a domain name and hosting account with HostGator.com
-Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
-Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
-Installing a free, professional WordPress theme called Origami
-Customizing theme settings
-Creating pages and using the visual editor
-Using a free stock photo website for amazing images and icons that can be used on personal and commercial projects at no cost
-Using a free online photo editing application to resize your images
-Creating navigation menus with drop downs

-Setting up your front page and your blog page
-Using WordPress plug-ins
-Creating a contact form
-Creating amazing image galleries
-Embedding YouTube videos onto your pages
-Creating a custom logo with free online tools including a resource for finding amazing color palettes
-Enhancing your website with free textured backgrounds that are completely customizable
-Discussing what widgets are and adding widgets to the footer widget area

-Setting up the home page with a revolutionary plug-in that will allow you to create custom layouts and widget areas on any page
-Using widget areas and making custom layouts
-Creating a slideshow with captions and custom links
-Creating a call to action
-Using a plug-in that will enable you to use the visual editor as a widget
-Using icons to customize and enhance your website’s appearance
-Setting up and organizing a blog
-Discussing comments and comment settings
-Basic WordPress settings and more

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-Josh Jackson