Learn How to Start a Blog in WordPress Step by Step for Beginners with No Coding/Technical Experience in 90 Mins!

I will walk you through over the shoulder and show you how to make a wordpress blog and create a blog website from scratch!

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This WordPress Tutorial is ideal for bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, beginners & small business owners who want to build/create their own blog/website quickly, easily and cheaply. Learn how to Start and Create a WordPress Blog Website Today for FREE!* (*if you have domain/hosting already!)


▼Complete your WordPress Blog/Website in 19 Steps Today! (DRAG & DROP)▼

Intro 0:00

Overview 11:02

1. Getting Domain/Hosting 19:22
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2. Installing WordPress 24:32

3. Edit General WordPress Settings 27:25

4. Delete Plugins 28:40

5. Delete Posts/Pages 29:07

5. Install Theme 30:03

6. Install Plugins 33:52

7. Configure Plugins 35:26

8. Adding Pages 40:02

9. Adding Blog Posts 41:15

10. Configure Theme Settings 47:26

11. Adding Social Links 59:14

12. Build Homepage 1:02:04

13. Customize Page Fonts, Links, Colors & Styling 1:33:00

14. Build About Page 1:44:11

15. Build Blog Page 1:48:55

16. Build Contact Page 1:50:20

Tips and Tricks

17. How to Make Website More Mobile Responsive 1:55:41

18. How to Set a Transparent Header 2:01:33


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In this step by step video, I’ll show you how to start a blog from scratch for free. You can create a blog for personal, business or client use – there are no skill requirements, anyone can build a blog. Don’t wait to start making money online, while having the freedom to spend with your friends and family. Start your own blog today!


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