Learn how to make a professional website or blog with WordPress and the Hueman theme. The Hueman theme is very customizable so I show you how to come up with a professional color scheme that fits your look as well as how to create a logo. This is a step by step tutorial so absolutely nothing is left out. Therefore, absolutely beginners will be able to easily follow along!

Things covered in this video include:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:23 Bullet list of what you’ll be creating
0:02:13 A look at the exact same website you will be creating
0:08:24 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with a company called HostGator and getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent.
0:14:14 Installing WordPress on your hosting account
0:17:49 Configuring basic WordPress settings
0:21:38 Installing and utilizing the powerful and responsive free theme called Hueman
0:24:30 Creating pages
0:28:14 Specifying which page is your home page
0:29:37 Creating navigation menus with drop down functionality
0:38:23 Choosing a sidebar layout
0:41:46 Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to make sure your thumbnail images are the correct size
0:43:40 Finding and using free high quality stock photos
0:46:04 Using the visual editor to add images to your pages, format text, and create links with your images and text
0:48:15 Using a free online photo editing application called Pixlr to resize your images
0:54:55 Using shortcodes to further customize your pages
1:01:58 Embedding responsive YouTube videos onto your site and using additional short codes on the home page
1:09:06 Installing a contact form plugin
1:11:50 Installing an image gallery plugin
1:17:59 Installing the image gallery that comes packaged with the Hueman theme
1:20:08 Using basic HTML code to create HTML tables
1:30:35 Coming up with professional color schemes with a free online resource
1:36:08 Creating a textured pattern for your background
1:39:33 Creating a logo with a free online application called iPiccy
1:47:10 Using widgets and widget areas to add additional functionality to your site.
1:53:41 Using the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin to have a visual editor widget
1:58:51 Adding widgets to footer widget areas
2:01:45 Configuring social media icons
2:04:26 Setting up an optional blog
2:07:25 Creating a blog post with a featured image and categories
2:14:02 Setting up comment/discussion functions
2:18:04 Using the featured post option and other blogging functionalities included with the Hueman theme
2:26:01 Setting up blog categories widgets
2:27:43 Using advanced layouts to fully control widgets and widget areas on any given post or page and using Hueman blog widgets

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