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How to Submit/Upload/Publish an App to the App Store Using the Candy Jam Rush Source Code

// About The Candy Jam Rush Source Code

Based on the classic board game, Rush Hour, Candy Jam Rush takes the sliding block puzzle to the next level by integrating addictive elements and varying gameplay (i.e. solve before time runs out and puzzles with limited moves). The goal of the game is to slide the red block free by sliding the other pieces out of its way. The code is written in a way where even beginners can navigate and edit with ease.

// Candy Jam Rush Features:

5 Ways to Make Money:
• Several In-App Purchases (Puzzle Boosters – available for players to purchase to help with those challenging levels, Remove Ads, Unlocking More Levels)
• Chartboost Advertisements
• Applovin Advertisements

• Detailed Documentation and Assets List for quick turnaround
• Optimized for iOS 11
• Social Media integration and incentives for sharing
• Full-Sized Game Board
• Gamecenter integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
• “Rating Request Pop-up” to encourage reviews
• Levels Designed in a Sabertooth Layout (Levels are gradually more difficult as you go but simpler levels are wedged in between difficult levels to increase user retention.)
• Limited number of graphics which makes for a quick turnaround and upload to the App Store
• Great for all ages
• Helps build sequential thinking, reasoning, intuition, problem solving and planning skills

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