“Java Game Dev” is a web-based video tutorial series covering the fundamentals of Java game development without the use of external graphics libraries. For this tutorial series, we will be using Java’s built in Swing GUI library to implement graphics, alongside action listeners, key listeners, Swing timers, JPanels and JFrames.

By following along and practicing the concepts presented in this tutorial series, you should understand basic game design, including building game design documents (GDDs). You should also gain an understanding of GUI design, essential game code (main loop, separation of data and presentation, etc.), and enough knowledge of game programming to move on to any other language, library or framework of your choice.

We highly suggest you leave us any comments or feedback that would aid in bettering the production of these tutorials. Additionally, subscribing to us will help us to better engage you (the audience) such that we can improve our tutorials even further!

Please ensure you have a working Windows PC, a copy of “Eclipse for Java developers” installed and a recent version of the Java JDK installed (JDK v7+).

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Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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