Learn Java in Just 15 Minutes!

In order to follow along smoothly, you will need the following:
1. A windows PC
2. Java JDK 7+ (
3. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (

Download and install both Eclipse, and the JDK7+. Eclipse is the editor you will see on the screen. JDK7+ is the “development kit” from Oracle which allows us to produce Java software.

Open Eclipse when you are ready to follow along in the tutorial. If you get confused make sure to ask for help in the comments section below the video!

Learn how to write code in the Java Programming language. And learn it fast! In this tutorial I teach you the fundamentals of Java programming, in just under 15 minutes. Learn if/else, loops and even inheritance and composition. Obviously, you can’t master a language in just 15 minutes – but its a good start. Also a good start for anyone migrating from another language that just needs to learn new syntax. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask. We also have a Java game dev series on the channel if you are interested!

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