In this live stream, I discuss a variety topics: ES6 “let” and “const”, 10PRINT, the Wikipedia API, simple harmonic motion and custom shapes in p5.js. Plus, I get a visit from a special guest, Siraj Raval, who joins me to talk about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (his youtube channel:

Due to technical problems, this live stream is in two parts.
Link to Part 1:

Edited videos coming soon!

4:36 – Simple Harmonic Motion
55:16 – 10PRINT Coding Challenge
1:23:44 – Wikipedia API Coding Challenge
2:00:56 – Custom Shapes in p5.js

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Processing Community Day:
Memo Akten’s Simple Harmonic Motion Series:
Lissajous Curve on Wikipedia:
10 PRINT book:
Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawings:
Wikipedia API Help:
Catmull-Rom on wikipedia:
Rune Madsen’s Programming Design Systems:

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New Channel Trailer:
My Video on Trigonometry and Polar Coordinates:
p5.js Oscillator Sine Wave:
My Video on Regular Expressions:
10 PRINT Emulator:

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