In this spooooooky (not really) Coding Train Live, I discuss p5.js programming workflows, the ES6 Arrow function, and Golan Levin’s Circle Morphing challenge.

Edited videos coming soon!

29:31 – Arrow Function
1:08:52 – My p5.js workflow
1:55:04 – Circle Morphing Coding Challenge
2:56:27 – Part 2 – Circle Morphing Coding Challenge

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Processing Community Day:
Interactive Media Arts at NYU:
Golan Levin’s Circle Morphing repo:
Atom text editor:
Sublime Text editor:
Visual Studio Code:
Allison Parrish’s talk on word2vec:
ITP NYU ICMadness:
Circle Morphing on Twitter:

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Golan Levin’s Circle Morphing:
Golan Levin’s Modulo Operator:
ES6 Let:
ES6 Const:
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Local Server:
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Polar coordinates to cartesian:

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