In this live stream from sfpc.io, I use Processing and p5.js to create a “slit-scan” effect and I also give a tutorial on how to use the Seriously.js video effects library.

5:45 – Golan Levin’s Example of Slit-scanning
18:08 – Slit-scan effect in Processing
43:30 – Slit-scan effect in p5.js
1:09:51 – Experimenting with Seriously.js and p5.js
2:13:02 – Tutorial on the Seriously.js video effect library
2:30:37 – Conclusion


An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research by Golan Levin:

Processing Video library:

Source Code:
Slit-scan p5.js:
Seriously.js library:

More about Image Processing in Processing:

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