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In this video, I continue the Solar System Generator Challenge by turning it into a 3D generator using Processing. Then, I take on a new Coding Challenge: A Maze Generator in p5.js

21:14 – Taking the 2D Solar System and making it 3D
52:36 – Adding texture to 3D objects
1:19:56 – Maze Generator: Creating grid, cells and walls
1:43:48 – Maze Generator: Moving across the grid
2:00:50 – Maze Generator: Removing walls
2:34:36 – Maze Generator: Recursive backtracker
2:44:38 – Conclusion

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Part 1 of the Solar System Generator:

Links discussed in this video:
Nature of Code class on Kadenze:
PeasyCam library:
Planet texture maps:
Algorithm for Maze Generators:

Source Code for the Video Lessons:


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