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In this live stream, I’m continuing my Algorithmic Botany series by using the Space Colonization algorithm to make a 3D fractal tree. Then I show you how to use GitHub pages to host HTML pages and your p5.js sketches for free. Finally, I’m starting a multi-part coding challenge on Superellipses and Superformulas.

13:30 – Presentation of 1st topic
42:35 – 3D Fractal Trees with Space Colonization
1:18:31 – GitHub Pages for Text and HTML files
1:34:50 – Hosting p5.js sketches on GitHub Pages
1:58:52 – Superellipse
2:12:26 – Quick Q&A/Conclusion

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Links discussed in this video:
Nature of Code class on Kadenze:
Nature of Code book:
Algorithmic Botany:
Original Space Colonization paper:
Superellipse on Wikipedia:
Paul Bourke’s Supershapes (Superformula) website:

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