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In this live coding session, I’m introducing a new series of videos on the subject of Sound in p5.js. I’m going to show you the basics of loading and playing a mp3 sound file in browser. Then I’m gonna go over how to control the speed and pitch of the playback and how the sound can affect the visuals of your sketches.
Finally, I’m going to make a 3D cloth in Processing using the toxiclibs physics library.

9:35 – Presentation of today’s topics
53:57 – Loading and playing a sound file
1:19:56 – Adding a button to control playback
1:31:26 – Controlling timing with sound files
1:55:43 – Use sound amplitude to control visual elements of a sketch
2:20:53 – 3D cloth with toxiclibs in Processing

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Links discussed in this video:
Nature of Code class on Kadenze:
p5.js sound library reference:
toxiclibs physics library:
Song used in the examples:

Source Code for the Video Lessons:


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