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This live stream is all about Perlin Noise! I explain how Perlin noise is created and how to visualize it. Then I get into 2D Perlin noise and use it to create a flow field with the p5.js library.

4:38 – Presenting today’s topic
22:00 – Video #1 – Intro to Perlin noise
38:34 – Video #2 – Difference between noise() and random()
51:56 – Video #3 – Graphing values of Perlin noise
1:21:24 – Video #4 – 2D Perlin noise
1:40:58 – Video #5 – noiseDetail()
1:53:53 – Video #6 – Perlin noise flow field
2:32:15 – Conclusion/Q&A

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Book of Shaders:
Perlin Noise Terrain Generator Video:
Nature of Code video on the topic of Perlin noise:
Pixel Array in p5.js video:

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