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This live stream is a continuation of the Supershape series of Coding Challenges. First, I show you how to create a sphere in Processing using spherical coordinates. Then, I use the superformula to generate 3D Supershapes. Finally, I use the p5.js library and WebGL to transpose the 3D Supershape to the web browser.

2:40 – Intro to today’s topic
32:13 – Spherical Geometry
1:11:13 – Addendum to the Spherical Geometry
1:25:54 – 3D Supershape
1:56:24 – Converting 3D Supershape to p5.js
2:12:09 – Q&A/Conclusion

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Links discussed in this video:
Reza Ali’s 3D Supershapes:
Paul Bourke’s Supershape page:
Wikipedia’s Spherical Coordinates System:
peasycam website:
Fl00per “Perlin Noise” song:

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