In this Live Stream, I cover a wide variety of topics. I first experiment with the CodePen online editor. Then, I take on a (awfully long) Coding Challenge to make “Smart Rockets” that steer based on a genetic algorithm (edited version coming soon). Finally, I discuss how the JavaScript “arguments” array can be used for function and constructor overloading.

16:14 – CodePen Tutorial
26:50 – Presenting Genetic Algorithm topics
50:02 – Coding Challenge: Smart Rockets
2:01:43 – Discussion on Machine Learning
2:19:14 – Arguments Array in JS
2:42:32 – Conclusion/Q&A

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Links discussed in this video:
My CodePen link:
The Nature of Code:
Kadenze Course:
this.dot song:
GitHub Issue #98 – Genetic Algorithm:
Computational Beauty of Nature book:
Smart Rockets Project:
Neuroph Java Neural Network Framework:
Wekinator Kadenze Class:
Machine Learning for Designers Book:

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