In this Live Stream, I take on an Algorithmic Botany Coding Challenge: Phyllotaxis. I also continue the Genetic Algorithm series with 4 different topics: Improving the Fitness function, Pool Selection, Interactive Selection and Continuous Evolutionary Systems

16:16 – Coding Challenge: Phyllotaxis
51:49 – Genetic Algorithm: Improved Fitness Function
1:04:42 – Genetic Algorithm: Pool Selection
1:35:55 – Back from debugging
1:46:06 – Genetic Algorithm: Interactive Selection
2:05:30 – Genetic Algorithm: Ecosystem Simulation
2:13:29 – Conclusion

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Links discussed in this video:
Phyllotaxis on Wikipedia:
Algorithmic Botany – Phyllotaxis:
Phyllotaxis example:
ColorMode p5.js Reference:
Karl Sims Galapagos Interactive Exhibit:

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