This Live Stream is all about Regular Expressions! The material is from the second week of my “Programming from A to Z” course that I teach at ITP ( I cover the core concepts of Regular Expressions — meta-characters, character classes, capturing parentheses / groups, back references. I also look at how to use regular expressions in JavaScript with the functions match(), test(), split() and replace().

10:19 – Showing patrons’ homework
24:05 – Presenting today’s topics
40:02 – Intro to Regular Expressions
57:10 – RegExp: Metacharacters
1:17:23 – RegExp: Character Classes
1:36:34 – RegExp: Capturing Groups
1:53:07 – RegExp: Back Reference
2:13:42 – RegExp: test() and match() JavaScript functions
2:32:28 – RegExp: exec() JavaScript function
2:46:21 – RegExp: split() JavaScript function
3:01:41 – RegExp: replace() JavaScript function
3:39:30 – Coding Challenge: Word Interactor with Regular Expressions and p5.js
3:59:24 – Homework for Week 2 of Programming from A to Z

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