In this Live Stream, I cover additional features of the p5.js sound library. I demonstrate how to analyze inputs (microphone or sound file) and control the elements of a sketch with volume / amplitude. I also discuss FFT analysis (Fast Fourier Transform) and visualize the spectrum / frequency array. Finally, I modify one of my previous Coding Challenge, Flappy Bird, to make it respond to sound.

I also answer a viewer question about how to make a p5.js sketch the background of a web page.

23:30 – Presenting today’s topic
27:55 – Sound in p5.js: Using Microphone in sketch
45:11 – Sound in p5.js: Volume Visualization
1:06:06 – Sound in p5.js: Circular Volume Graphing
1:19:43 – Sound in p5.js: FFT
1:43:30 – Clappy Bird!
2:16:26 – Q&A: p5.js Sketch in Background
2:26:56 – Q&A/Conclusion

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