Happy New Year!

In this first Live Stream of 2017, I look at a simple algorithm for “Circle Packing” and animate the process of filling a 2D space with non-overlapping circles of various sizes, colors and positions.

I also discuss the newly released social media data from the Obama Administration and make a couple simple data visualization examples.

The White House Social Media Data is available here:

17:30 – Intro to today’s first topic
22:02 – Coding Challenge: Circle Packing
1:14:43 – Back from break
1:58:48 – CC: White House Social Media Data Visualization
2:55:48 – CC: Photo Mosaic from Obama’s Social Media Images
3:36:51 – Coding Challenge: Circle Packing Kitten Image
3:42:50 – Q&A/Conclusion

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Julien Leonard’s Various Circle Packing Tutorials:
ITPNYU’s Obamathon repo:
Siraj Raval’s channel:
Kittens Song:
This Dot Song on Soundcloud:

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