In this episode, I follow-up and improve on the Islamic Star Patterns algorithm using the Law of Sines.

Afterwards I attempt an earthquake data visualization / mapping coding challenge. Spoiler Alert! This one didn’t turn out to well! To see the unedited version of me completing this challenge, view Live Stream #78! (

I also show work from the community.

Links to the edited version of the tutorial:
Follow-up on Star Patterns:

9:54 – Short Q&A
28:30 – Showing viewers’ work
51:47 – Follow-up on Islamic Star Patterns
1:32:05 – Earthquake Data Visualization.

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Links discussed in this video:
Web Mercator on Wikipedia:
Earthquake Database:
Law of Sines on Wikipedia:
Katie Rose Pipkin’s Moth Generator Bot:
Gabriel Weymouth’s Tweet on Star Patterns:
Craig S. Kaplan Lecture on Star Patterns:
University of Waterloo’s Star Patterns Paper:

Work by the Coding Train community:
Florin Pop’s xBall:
Florin Pop’s MazeMem:
Allistair Crossley’s Biochemistry Generator:
Animated Rose Pattern:
Robin Lefebvre’s 3D Rose Pattern:

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