In this episode, I follow up on the Earthquake Data Visualization challenge ( and create a 3D version. I also discuss steering behaviors and attempt a coding challenge that renders text with animated particles. I also show work from the community.

7:05 – Presenting work from our community
16:00 – Presenting today’s topics
37:41 – 3D Earthquake Data Visualization
1:53:53 – Steering Behaviors Coding Challenge
2:27:00 – Conclusion/Q&A

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Randomizer: and
This Dot Song:
Spherical Coordinates System on Wikipedia:
USGS Earthquake Data:
Cross Product Diagram:
Natural Earth Texture Maps:
Nasa Earth Maps:
Nature of Code Steering Behaviors Playlist:
Craig Reynolds’ Steering Behaviors paper:
Rebecca Fiebrink’s Wekinator:
Siraj Raval’s Youtube Channel:
Deep Learning with TensorFlow on Kadenze:
Rails Girls Summer of Code:

Work by the Coding Train community:
Meiamsome’s Coding Challenges:
Guillaume Pelletier’s Animated Flower:
Rach Smith’s Gravity Painter:
The Coding Train Game:
Jacob Foster Cube Wave:

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