This episode focuses on the Matter.js physics engine. I create a series of small examples demonstrating various features of the JavaScript library (bodies, constraints, mouse interaction) using p5.js for rendering.

5:15 – Announcements
23:25 – Work from the community
36:44 – Today’s topics
44:02 – Matter.js Overview: Part 2
1:08:55 – Matter.js Overview: Part 3
1:33:32 – Matter.js Overview: Part 4
1:54:33 – Matter.js Overview: Part 5
2:09:55 – Google Summer of Code discussion
2:15:20 – Conclusion/Q&A

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Machine Learning repository:
Self-driving cars in the browser:
Google Summer of Code:
Processing Foundation on Google Summer of Code:

Work from the community:
Variations on the Steering Behavior Coding Challenge:
Jerome Martinez’s Maze Runner:
Arno’s Emo project:
Arno’s Teach me time:
@tacobank’s Circle Animation: a small sketch made with just arcs in processing
Alca’s Double Wave Thing:
Alca’s Spiraling RareShiffman:
Alca’s Waves to a Circle:
lostghbear’s Audio Vizuals:
Robin Lefebvre’s Infinity Work:
semjonbibow’s benice circles:
gomako’s Diastic Machine: from gomako

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