In this live episode, I discuss Forward and Inverse Kinematics and attempt to make a variety of tentacle-like creatures. I also make a new tutorial about Polar Coordinates.

3:55 – Announcements
18:38 – Work from the community
31:32 – Presenting today’s topics
42:02 – Polar Coordinates
1:03:19 – Forward Kinematics Coding Challenge
2:00:12 – Inverse Kinematics Coding Challenge
2:47:44 – Conclusion/Q&A

Edited videos from this live stream coming soon!

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Work from the community:
Carla de Beer’s The Matrix Digital Rain – Dingbats:
MrMusAddict’s Trappist-1 solar system:
cmanny’s Rainbow-Topics Visualization:
Robin Lefebvre’s Voronoi Random Walkers – With Alpha:
Alca’s Rainbow Flow + Hexbin (Pillars):

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