In this live episode, I attempt several coding challenges. First I create a countdown timer in JavaScript. Second, I code the classic video game “Pong” in Processing (Java). Finally, I begin examining topics for my “Intelligence and Learning” course with a warm-up on data structures and binary trees.

Edited videos from this live stream coming soon!

7:10 – Work from the community
22:35 – Coding Challenge: Timer in JavaScript
51:55 – Coding Challenge: Pong
2:35:10 – Coding Challenge: Binary Tree
3:19:43 – Visualizing binary tree

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DIY Light-Up Paper Bow Ties:
Grokking Algorithms book:
The Nature of Code Part 2 (Spring 2017) – Intelligence and Learning:

Work from the community:
Ada Lovecraft’s Smoke:
zimm0r’s AACT Half-Life Simulation:
Jacob Foster’s Corrupted, Grungy, Retro Text and CRT Effect:
Robin Lefebvre’s Bouncy – p5 build – prototype:
Alex’s Double Pendulum:
MrMusAddict’s A Star Road Maker:

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