It’s the ITP Spring Show! This video is an archive of a live stream of me walking around and interviewing students about their work. Stay tuned for a shorter, edited highlight reel.
ITP is a two-year graduate program located in the Tisch School of the Arts whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies — how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people’s lives.

Timestamps to the different projects featured in this video:

2:54 – “Geode #1 (Fun House)” by Jared D Friedman

7:40 – “Animalia Concerto” by Rushali Paratey

8:30 – “CNC Assisted Music” by Jason Beck, Yeseul Song

14:23 – “Thesis(Divine Pixels)” by Paula Ceballos Delgado

17:15 – “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Michelle Hessel

19:59 – “Digital Consequences” by Sebastian Morales

23:19 – “Captive Audience” by Rita Cheng

25:06 – “Root Commute” by Lindsey Daniels

28:23 – “The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette” by Angela Perrone

31:11 – “Cat In A Box” by Mathura Govindarajan

34:23 – “its_ok” by Aaron Montoya-Moraga

36:15 – “hysterical wearable” by Renata Gaui

38:16 – “The Screaming Sun” by Mithru Vigneshwara

39:45 – “The Radius Project” by Jesse Horwitz

41:43 – “Safe House” by Danielle Butler

45:08 – “Artificial (?) Antidancer” by Sejo Vega-Cebrian

47:12 – “The Blob” by Regina Cantu De Alba and Woraya Boonyapanachoti

49:39 – “thank you lights” by Aaron Parsekian

53:28 – “Mirages : Light Experiments” by Hayeon/Hayley Hwang and Yeseul Song

58:09 – “Wind Chimes” by Roxanne Kim

1:00:05 – “Sea & Mulberry field” by Siman Li

1:03:34 – “Browser LAB” by Eric Wenqi Li

1:05:58 – “Kodi Learns To Cook” by Steven Simon

1:07:54 – “A Ritual that last Forever” by Fengyi Franklin Zhu

1:09:50 – “Light scapes” by Shir David

1:12:05 – “Wave-washed Sand” by Yuli Cai

1:14:15 – “Naomi” by Jarone A Wright

1:16:20 – “Waiting in the Rain” by Samantha Schulman

1:18:23 – “Orbit Training” by Carlie Yutong Zhang

1:20:55 – “ESCAPE THE NO.4” by Jingru Yin and Manning Qu

1:24:36 – “The Big You” by Yihan Chen

1:27:00 – “Dreamers” by Mona(Hayeon) Kim and Jina Jung

1:29:04 – “Light scapes” by Shir David

1:32:50 – Visit of my office/Q&A

Here is the complete list of projects:

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