If you have ever wanted to know how to make a website for free and easy steps to follow.

This WordPress tutorial will give you good ideas for making a website and host it in under 3 minutes. Through this series of videos you will learn how to use wordpress software to make a website free of complications. You’ll also have all the skills to customize your own website.

You may want to make a website for free and earn money, perhaps you want to learn how to make a website free for games, or how to make a website for free for kids. I will show you in basic steps how to make and host a website using free wordpress software. This great software is used by over 60 million people as free website builder, as well as a great blogging tool. Thousands of volunteers have developed this versatile software and it continues to evolve and improve. Learning to make free websites with wordpress is straightforward with plenty of plugins, widgets and free website templates. You’ll be able to take charge of your own web development without the need for a web designer.

While you may want to make a website without paying money, you do need to register your domain name. I highly recommend hosting your website with Hostagater. They are very affordable and the value for money is exceptional. You’ll receive customer service 24/7 and they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have been hosting websites with them for the past five years and if I have ever had a problem they have been onto it straight away.

So, to make your own website, let’s start by right clicking on the link you can see directly under this video. This will take you to the Hostgater home page. Select their webhosting plan and choose the baby plan option in the middle of the screen. This is the best value for money, allowing you to register as many domain names as you like for 10 dollars a month. Once you click order now you’ll be prompted to enter your domain/website name. If the name you have chosen is already registered, you’ll be asked to enter in a new domain name. When your domain name has been approved, you’ll be taken to the payment page to confirm your order. Here you need to provide your payment details and email address so that you can receive the information you need to create your own website.

After you have completed the registration process, Hostgater will send you an email with all the details you need. This usually only takes a few minutes and then I can start to show you how to make an amazing website! In the confirmation email you will be provided a username and password and a link to c panel. If you click on the link to c panel and enter your username and password you’ll be taken to a screen with lots of icons. Don’t feel overwhelmed, there is only one program that you need to use to make an online website. This is call fantastico deluxe. It has a smiley icon and you’ll see it under software/services as you scroll down the page. Click on this icon and find wordpress on the right hand side under blogs. Click on this, enter your detail and click new installation.

Now that you have wordpress installed you can start your website design. I am going to show you how to make your own website using all the sophisticated tools wordpress offers. The home screen of wordpress is the dashboard, where you can see how to build a website. This is a very powerful piece of software and the styles you can make on websites using wordpress are unlimited. If you go to appearances on the left hand side of the dashboard and select install themes, you can search for thousands of different templates to match your website design. Within seconds you can transform your website to create a totally different look!

Now that you have had an introduction to wordpress and know how easy it is to create a website using wordpress, make sure you visit my site often and see how it develops over time. More importantly, through my website you can access over 75 bite-sized videos covering all aspects of wordpress website templates, plugins, widgets and all the information you need to build a successful website that looks amazing and is highly functional.

Through using the resources on my www.3minutewebsite.com you can get the most out of your wordpress website and really drill down to the specifics of web design, creating posts, adding videos and pictures, editing and customizing. I will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your free website builder. So go to www.3minutewebsite.com now and learn how to create a website from scratch as I walk you through making a website from start to finish. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Also, share this video on facebook or twitter so that others can also learn how to make a website using wordpress.