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02:16 – Intro & Scalars
11:35 – Math
15:40 – Conditionals
23:07 – Looping
28:38 – Strings
35:25 – Arrays
44:30 – Hashes
48:29 – Subroutines
56:00 – File IO
1:00:36 – Object oriented Perl

I cover basically what you would learn in a 250 page book in this one video. We’ll learn all the basics plus pragmas, scalars, arrays, hashes, printf, print, math functions, conditionals, boolean operators, if, elsif, else, unless, ternary operator, looping, for, foreach, while, do while, reading input, given, strings functions, s///, ranges, slice, sort, push, pop, join, subroutines, recursive subroutines, packages, object oriented Perl and so much more.

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