Need a complete step by step walk through of every single aspect of WordPress!

This video is for those of you that want to get the most out of your websites using wordpress. This wordpress tutorial for beginners introduces you to the power of wordpress and shows you how to access almost a hundred different short videos explaining how to use this powerful software in very easy steps.

WordPress is a free website builder that’s used by millions of people across the world. It’s fully customizable and comes with thousands of free website templates, plug-ins and widgets to allow you to make an amazing website or blog. I have built a membership site to focus on the specifics of how to create a website or blog using this software and how to leverage this fantastic tool. This membership site contains over 75 bite sized videos covering every aspect of web design with wordpress.

Some of the information covered includes:
• How to make a website for free in minutes
• How to set up website hosting
• A complete walkthrough of everything you will need to know to set up, maintain and grow your site
• How to build a website to make money
• Search engine optomization (SEO)
• Social media (twitter, facebook, you tube)
• Lead capture strategies (email marketing)
• Bonuses, plug-ins, resources & tools

If you have ever wondered what are the steps for creating a website and how to make and host a website, all your answers are here. You’ll also get plenty of good ideas for making a website or blog and learn how to make free websites in a matter of minutes. After watching these videos you’ll know how to make your own website highly functional and looking amazing!

So, let’s go over to and I will step you through the membership site. Click the link to get started. Please note, space is limited, so I encourage you to join now so that you can learn how to create a website in next to no time.

Ok, if you clicked the link you’ll now be at the membership site where you can learn how to create a website with wordpress. The first thing you need to do is to submit your best email address for you to get access to the training. The next page is the registration page, here you can create a username, enter your password and fill in a few other details. Then submit your registration. If you check your email, you should have a confirmation email.

Now you can log in and access all the training information on how to build a website and customize it with wordpress. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to create a website for free. Once you have logged in you’ll be in the membership area. I’m going to play you the welcome video now.

[Welcome Video: You are now clicks away from creating a website and you’ll find it so easy to build a website using wordpress. Plus, you’ll save plenty of money because you don’t need a costly web designer or web development company, you’re essentially your own webmaster! This will allow you to create your own websites in minutes!

I have put together an awesome training course based on my experience and the tools that I use to streamline website development and create full-functional websites in minutes. You’ll see the layout of the course in the left hand navigation bar.

Once you have completed these tutorials on how to create a website, you should be able to leverage the power of this fantastic software to create amazing websites. Your website will be attractive and fully functional. I’m confident that you will find great value in this training and will ultimately be able to save plenty of time taking this streamlined approach. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section of each video. You can also contact me directly through emailing me at james@websitesmadeeasy.tv

So that’s the welcome video and I really do encourage you to make any comments or ask questions about the training material so that I can help you out. If we have a quick look at these modules, you’ll see that they are all broken down into small, bite sized videos. Anything you want to accomplish with your website can be done through these videos.

There is also some advanced training available, like SEO tutorials, traffic capture strategies and so forth. There is information on the best plug-ins that you must have for any website, as well as information on affiliate marketing, and heaps more. I will be continuing to add more information to the site so that it continues to be a great source of information as you develop your skills.

Don’t hesitate on signing up for this training and learn how to build a website for free using wordpress. Spaces are limited, so please don’t delay in registering at